Broken down? We can tow and can get you back on the road!

Warrant of Fitness and Vehicle Servicing

Warrant of Fitness Hamilton

We do Warrant of Fitness inspections for cars and trailers ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy and safe

Warrant of Fitness Hamitlon. WOFs Hamilton

Servicing and repairs at one place

No limitations are placed on the repairs that can be completed at Speedwell. Our expert team can do just about anything. We can also diagnose issues using our diagnostic tools and provide full transparency of faults, estimate of repairs and get your car booked in.

Oil Changes, Suspension Work, Wheel Alignments, Auto Electrical, Air Con, Inspections all at Speedwell Tune and Service Centre
Oil Changes and servicing Hamilton

Routine Maintenance

We can check and replace all filters and fluids in your vehicle. 

Suspension adjustments and certs Hamilton


Suspension noisy or feels different? Your suspension components wear out over time. Bring your car in, we'll take a look

Wheel Alignment and replacement Hamilton

Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments ensure you get the  maximum life out of your tyres and your handling is optimum

Auto Electrical work Hamilton

Electrical Issues

Got some extra lights popping up on the dash? Or is you battery playing up? Bring your car in, we'll diagnose it

Air Con Regassing Hamilton


Are your brakes making a noise? Does the pedal feel not quite right? Bring it in for a thorough check.

Pre Purchase inspections Hamilton

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a car can be a scary process! Let us take away the doubt by performing our thorough pre-purchase inspection

We are your true one
stop shop for all things Auto!

The great thing about bringing your car to an experienced team like us to do your WOF - If there is something that needs fixing, we can do it for you! 


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