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Dyno Tuning Hamilton

Let us fine-tune your vehicle on our dyno.

Speedwell offers the unique opportunity to improve your vehicle's performance using our rolling road dyno. We can optimise your ignition timing, improve fuel efficiency, increase torque and enhance transmission shifting. We simulate accurate engine loads on our two-wheel drive dyno and track the car's outputs in a controlled environment to ensure we get your engine's peak performance. Want to discuss your requirements? Contact us today.

Dyno Testing Hamilton. Dyno Tuning Hamilton
Suspension adjustments and certs Hamilton

Engine diagnostics

Pre-tune check over for the right customisation solution. 

Wheel Alignment and replacement Hamilton

ECU Remapping

Reset parts of the engine management software to get the most out of your engine and improve fuel economy.

Auto Electrical work Hamilton

Custom tuning for modified cars

Everyday or motorsport tuning completed to your specifications.

Air Con Regassing Hamilton

Specialist Carburettor tuning

Carburettor adjustment for improved running and power


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